1’600.- mark cracked – next target 2’000.-

Thanks to Ira Chandler we cracked CHF 1’600.- Thank you Ira!

We are going strong and are aiming for CHF 2’000.- looking forward to passing that mark soon.

We have been asked by some of you what we are saving for. We want to be able to “buy” a security audit. We want to be able to get Mathew Green and Kenn White’s Open Crypto Audit Project to audit the replacements for TrueCrypt. We are supportive of CypherShed which is working on a complete rewrite of the TrueCrypt application and VeraCrypt which has taken the TrueCrypt code and is expanding on it.

We feel both projects are going strong, we know there is a steady exchange of information between them and as such you, the “customer”, are going to profit.

Help us help you (and the rest of the internet) by financially supporting pure-privacy.