Amazing! 2’000.- target cracked within 4 Days

Truly amazing and humbling. Within 4 days the 2’000 intermediate goal has been reached.

It is extremely motivating for us, to be entrusted with your donations to make sure that in due time the successor product of TrueCrypt will get audited by the people.

A massiv THANK YOU to all who chipped in to get closer to this goal. We need to continue collecting money, but feel it is realistic to actually talk more and more about an audit. The TrueCrypt Audit collected about USD 70’000 so we are still quite a while off, but we believe we will get there in due time.

I have been asked by some of you about how much someone should donate. Well… it is up to you, naturally,  but how about buying us “Lunch”? However much “Lunch” costs in your area, send that in as a donation. You may even consider it your way of saying thank you for using a software which allows you to keep private data private. And… just to be clear: All developers of the CypherShed and VeraCrypt teams refuse to take money! The money we collect is solely used for the quality assurance of an external, neutral, audit.

Looking forward to your continued support and, again, Thank You



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