Linux Issue

Linux Issue

While TrueCrypt was published as open source, it was never using an open source license. In fact, it uses copyrighted code. The TrueCrypt application’s liberal use of licensed code obviously made it not truly open source. To fix this the Ciphershed team is in the process of rewriting the copyrighted code of the TrueCrypt application.

Until we are ready rewriting the code we have to use “Dual-Licensing” when we publish a new version of the CipherShed application. This means that Linux distributions will not accept the CipherShed application as an open source software and they will not include it in their distribution.
This does not mean the CipherShed application will not work in Linux, on the contrary. It works like a charm. All it takes, is you downloading the application and compiling it for your Linux distribution yourself.


For now, users will need to compile the Linux version. An example of compiling for Ubuntu you can find in this old post Note that these commands may not necessarily be valid anymore or issues may be encountered even if they are. For example, at the time of writing, this will not compile on the very latest version of Ubuntu because of an issue with GCC 5.

If on Ubuntu, try this:
If you do not have Git installed use the following command:
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install git
When Git is installed run the following 2 commands:
mkdir ~/src && cd ~/src && git clone && cd ~/src/CipherShed && git checkout v0.7.4.0
bin/ && bin/
Use this command to start the version of CipherShed:
Okay, you should now have version of CipherShed running on your Ubuntu machine.
If you have any questions or issues please contact using the forum
What you can do to speed up things

The quicker we are done with rewriting the TrueCrypt code the quicker we can leave the dual-licensing situation and release the code as true open source and the quicker we will be part of the different Linux distributions out there.
So… chip in and help us with writing code. If you can not write code but want to help anyway consider visiting the webpage and help financially.

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