pure-privacy is a formally registered association operating from Switzerland and under Swiss law.

The association aims, through the organization and support of open-source software development and events, to increase dissemination and improve quality of software applications that protect a users’ privacy.

Anyone can become a member. The memberships are optional and activated upon receipt of the minimum amount.
The annual contributions are determined by the Annual General Meeting. However, they amount to at least CHF 50.00 for the category members and CHF 50.00 per employee for the business category. Special support/sponsoring levels are available. please contact us for details.

TCnext-Twitter_400x400The first project pure-privacy supports is the rescue of TrueCrypt®. This project started it all. After the developers announced publicly that they had abandoned the project Jos Doekbrijder proposed rescuing the functionality and together with Thomas Bruderer started the TCnext page and in early June 2014 founded the pure-privacy association to have a legal framework that could handle larger scale open-source project development, coordination, marketing as well as fundraising/donations to cover legal and quality assurance (=audit) issues.

Building trust. Something very special about the pure-privacy association is a completely transparent bookkeeping. We will publish cash flow. Anybody pledging support can do so with a nickname and or code. This pledge is published on our website. Once the pledged funds arrive in our account we look at the accompanying description where we expect to find the nickname and or code and publish the cash-in with running total. Any cash-out transaction also results in a publication with running total. This way you know where the money comes from and where it goes to.

More about us: Below you find scans of the original documents (Note: German Language) created when founding this association.