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It has been a while, but here some news from the team: Our FOSS bootloader development for Windows is coming along nicely… getting closer to a major milestone for our Truecrypt rewrite project.

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Ciphershed is to release patches and security fixes today While rewriting the entire (!) TrueCrypt source code the Ciphershed dev team ran into some annoying bugs a buch of typo’s and discovered nasty errors that needed fixing. Todays release of …

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We installed new EV Certs generously donated by QuoVadis Switzerland We had some downtime the last few days but all is fine… Learned some new cert stuff and would like to thank QuoVadis for their sponsoring… Thanks Jos

Linux Issue While TrueCrypt was published as open source, it was never using an open source license. In fact, it uses copyrighted code. The TrueCrypt application’s liberal use of licensed code obviously made it not truly open source. To fix …

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New version of TrueCrypt released As announced last week the CipherShed team, overnight, released CipherShed Happy New Year everybody This is a big step towards both the complete rewrite of the old TrueCrypt application and the switch towards true …

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CipherShed is about to release a new version of TrueCrypt The CipherShed developers announced during today’s regular conference call: “We have a release candidate: a0d7cb9” (Full GIT Hash: a0d7cb9e3e80015c8c51327fa22e4d02afa0c3bd ) We will be publishing a new CipherShed release (0.7.4) of …

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Hi All Say hello to a Ubuntu TEST version of CipherShed. If you want to help us test CipherShed, this is your moment. This is NOT a “release”. Please execute the following commands in a Ubuntu terminal and let us know what happened …

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Truly amazing and humbling. Within 4 days the 2’000 intermediate goal has been reached. It is extremely motivating for us, to be entrusted with your donations to make sure that in due time the successor product of TrueCrypt will get …

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Thanks to Ira Chandler we cracked CHF 1’600.- Thank you Ira! We are going strong and are aiming for CHF 2’000.- looking forward to passing that mark soon. We have been asked by some of you what we are saving for. …

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Here the long awaited second part of the TrueCrypt audit Share, read, study and learn from it… (that is what I do) Cheers

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