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TrueCrypt audit (part 2) starting soon

Good news from the project: The TrueCrypt Audit (part 2) is to start soon. The project started by Matthew Green and Kenn White will soon continue its audit of the TrueCrypt 7.1a code. And I agree with Matthew. I too

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Source Code review still an issue

Source Code review still an issue If you want to help the Projects? This is the number one way… The @CipherShed and @VeraCrypt_IDRIX projects are looking for developers actually reading the code and submitting bugs. Do you have time? Feel

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CipherShed closer to alpha release

CipherShed closer to alpha release Exiting time for TrueCrypt successor The CipherShed team has complied with the original TrueCrypt license and is now completing a security review, to ensure the safety of your data, This review will be the last

Summertime is over

Summertime is over We did not sit still last month though… and we are very happy to announce that we have completed important steps towards a release of a successor to TrueCrypt. See:  

Bitcoin donations now possible

Bitcoin donations are now possible, we are connecting to a swiss converter who can turn the bitcoins back to Swiss Franks (more about  this later), but in the mean time, you are now able to support us using Bitcoins. Looking forward

Cash-flow now online

The pure-privacy cash-flow overview is now online We found (created) some time to look at our financials after the first month of enabling donations. And WOW! things are looking good. Now there is only one thing to do: The whole

First Donation received

We are happy to report we just received our first Donation. Marcel G, from U, N (sorry about this, but you know who you are) is the first person using Paypal to make a donation. Marcel, a big Thank You

Hello World

Hello World Welcome to the pages of the pure-privacy association. Looking forward to working with you Cheers  

Site going live

The pure-privacy site is going life today. A great thanks to the team: Simon, Carlos, Kai and Thomas… Cheers Jos