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It has been a while, but here some news from the team: Our FOSS bootloader development for Windows is coming along nicely… getting closer to a major milestone for our Truecrypt rewrite project.

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Ciphershed is to release patches and security fixes today While rewriting the entire (!) TrueCrypt source code the Ciphershed dev team ran into some annoying bugs a buch of typo’s and discovered nasty errors that needed fixing. Todays release of …

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CipherShed is about to release a new version of TrueCrypt The CipherShed developers announced during today’s regular conference call: “We have a release candidate: a0d7cb9” (Full GIT Hash: a0d7cb9e3e80015c8c51327fa22e4d02afa0c3bd ) We will be publishing a new CipherShed release (0.7.4) of …

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